gyroFIRE as a game

A combination of Glass Shootout and Minecraft-ish

Around October, I tried organizing gyroFIRE into a game to get the concept of gyroscope-aim then “tap to action” out in a simplistic way. I don’t really take web dev seriously these days, so I structured the site to be _heavily_ inspired by the original Glass website.

The parody nature should have been evident, by the way What It Does is structured.

It included an online tryout version that lets you vicariously rotate a virtual Glass head, so that you can get an interactive idea without actually owning Glass (or putting it on your own head).

Users had to verify via the MirrorAPI that they owned Glass in order to download the app.

Out of personal research interest, I also had every single shooting action sent to the server, to know where someone is looking when they blow up a cube or teleport a goat*, or create a cube by “firing” minecraft-style.

*Teleport a goat is a nerdy joke for a vestigial function in Android ICS, viz, isUserAGoat() wherein they are subject to teleportations.

tap to fire gif version