StatusBeta aka OpenSideLoad

StatusBeta was created to post the dozens of (native) Glass hacks (.apk) that I hacked together last summer, but friends also asked to upload, albeit I was warned by Glass Developer Evangelists that they would ban my API access (again) if I open up the Upload feature to anyone. o.O (Note: the original version had _optional_ _donations_ via monetary transaction using Google Wallets).

Other than listing the apps, with an auto-manifest-parse for permissions, the site checks if the user has Glass or not before letting them download the app. Also, there are a few browser-based tryout’s and a link to the new Launchy for apps that I was too lazy to re-build to have a voice trigger.

Since this site was basically a two weekend hack, I also adapted it for the Salesforce Million Dollar hackathon. Of course, I didn’t win.

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